Flutters and Strutters welcome you… to our new website

This is our new website as we transition from FibroFlutters to Flutters and Strutters. So, hello and welcome and please bare with us as we redevelop and complete website construction.

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As of 25th April Flutters and Strutters (FibroFlutters and ZebraStrutters) became Incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a private company, that the company is limited by guarantee, and the situation of its registered office is in England and Wales. Reg. No. 14065901.

Both FibroFlutters and ZebraStrutters will carry on as before but under the umbrella of Flutters and Strutters. The need for them to remain separate entities is pretty obvious as they provide for different things.

FibroFlutters will still be heavily supporting fibromyalgia, chronic pain and musculoskeletal related disorders per-se. Alongside this advocating for chronic illness and those whose lives are affected by them.

ZebraStrutters will continue to support and advocate for rare diseases. In particular, Ehler’s-Danlos Syndromes, Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders and other Musculoskeletal related rare conditions.

Both will keep their current logos for their brand identities, but a new logo is being designed for Flutters and Strutters.

As an organisation supporting the undiagnosed, and undetermined, is also important. Keeping our readership up to date with the latest research, and providing links to verified sources of health information are all at the forefront of our minds. Embracing new potential therapies and treatments, supporting the world of genetics and genomics, are also included.

Supporting the medical and healthcare industries, including clinical research, drug development and pharma, healthcare and social care as well as public health issues all fit within our remit. As an advocacy organisation that advocates for multi stakeholder approaches to everything related to patient health and care.

For more in depth information regarding our aims and missions you will find our Articles of Association in our About Us section. This Page is coming soon!

FibroFlutters & ZebraStrutters logo banner
Flutters and Strutters Reg No. 14065901.

New logo for Flutters and Strutters is in construction!

We are also a Patient Advocacy Organisation & online social media communications network. 

Our services are for people affected by chronic illnesses and rare disease. This includes care providers, health professionals and those within the medical healthcare related industries. #notjustpatients

We endeavour to promote the idea of a multidisciplinary approach to health and medicine that benefits all involved. Providing a network that is open for everyone to join, follow, and meet others from across the health and medical industries.

Another key element of our advocacy beyond disease awareness is to encourage better communication through plain language summaries. Promoting the fact that everyone should be able to access and read research. Health literacy to us does not just apply to medication leaflets, but to consent forms, research surveys, journal articles and research papers. None of it should be hidden behind paywalls either!

If you feel you have skills that you can bring to help enhance us and are interested please contact us.

FibroFlutters & ZebraStrutters logo banner
Flutters and Strutters Reg No. 14065901.

Please note that we are not medical professionals unless it specifically says so. We do have partnerships with Healthcare professionals and they will be introduced as such every time we post anything of theirs.

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Non Profit for chronic illness (FibroFlutters) & rare illnesses (ZebraStrutters) Patient Advocacy Organisation

Reg. No. 14065901

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